Hello witchiepoo! You’re the last of the spookily cute characters and to celebrate, you even have props!

The funnest parts of this were probably the curly hair and the cauldron bubbles. Both required doing a few hair wiggles/bubbles, allowing them to dry a bit, then adding more. If you don’t, they’ll just join up and look like a blob.


With the broom, I wanted it to look rough and ragged and straw-like, so I dragged the piping tip along the dried orange icing while I piped the black. Do you think it worked?

Here’s a close up of the hair. ┬áThere was four layers between the grey and the black and it was so enjoyable to do, just wiggle your piping bag and squeeze. Purposefully be messy!


Now just because I’ve finished these cookie characters, does not mean there are no more Halloween cookies. There’s still a few days until then and there’s still cookie dough in the fridge to be used.

Until next time, have fun!

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