What a perfect time to make my first post. It’s currently Winter-een-mas, a holiday to celebrate games and gamers who play them. It was thought up by Ethan of Ctrl-Alt-Del, the online comic created by Tim Buckley.

So…in between bouts of gaming (currently sucking big-time at interrogation in LA Noire), I’ve gotten out my piping tips and icing sugar to create a few game cookies to kick off this blog.

I’ve only started decorating cookies a month ago, so I hope you enjoy and don’t criticise my photography skills too much – I know they leave much to be desired.

Pacman chased by some ghosties and messing around with alphabet cutters.

I discovered free-hand drawing with icing was quite difficult and now I know why some people love their Kopykake projector so much. Lacking one, there’s a reason you aren’t seeing a Mario and Luigi photo here – I got scared.

Invaded by cookies. Oh the horror!


And lastly, invincibility stars, a fire-flower, a mushroom and a Boo from Super Mario, and some practice piping words. Oops, just realised I forgot to fill in Boo’s teeth!

Until next time, have fun!

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    Brittany January 30, 2012

    These are awesome to look at – keep it up!

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