Welcome Back to Me – Catchup

Two months since I last was here. I knew time moved fast but that’s just insane! So let’s have a catchup what I actually did during those two months.

Best friend’s hens’ night. Corset cookies, because you have to! Pride moment – I love these to bits. They looked so good I had to convince some people to actually EAT them.

Easter came along. Wandered around with the Sydney Royal Easter Show with my hubby and his mother. It was a fabulous if long day, but we came home with a stash of chilli sauces, award winning cheese, licorice and the best nuts ever, Morish nuts. Pieces of heaven, or caramel covered nuttiness. We also admired (perved) on the cake decorating section amongst many other things.

We also had a family catchup for Easter and I made a cake. Vanilla sponge, vanilla bean buttercream. Simple but delicious. I covered a board with sugarpaste and then piped the bunny on with royal icing, attempting the brush embroidery learnt recently at TAFE. Unfortunately I was having so much fun I forgot I was trying to do brush embroidery and ended up just painting with the icing.

A closeup of the first sugarpaste flowers I made, a little bit of petal dust and a dot of royal icing. Super easy with the plunger cutters.

Note to self: don’t use salted butter in buttercream. Some people were a fan but not me.

First attempt at a sugarpaste rose. Gosh, I feel sick looking at that now. It’s not very good. But we have to start somewhere.

That was a pretty slow month cookie and cake-wise, but it was also the busiest month at work and it was wearing me out. We now come to my best friend’s wedding, which was just so so so beautiful. I was so happy to be a part of it. Below you can see the “encouragement prize” I made for people to sign their guest book. ( I still call it bribery but it worked!)

Day 1: Made two batches of cookie dough. (It WAS a Thursday and I HAD to finish all my work the next day so I could have half a week off for the wedding!)

Day 2: Cooked 120 cookies. 60 large, 60 small hearts. (On a Friday night after work.) I was already asking myself at this stage what had I gotten myself into.

Day 3: Made royal icing. Flooded bases of all 120 cookies.

Day 4: Did all details on the 60 large.

Question!? How the hell do people pump out so many great cookies so fast. Is it just practice? I was going the fastest I had ever gone yet slow enough to make sure they were the best cookies I had ever made.

Burnt myself out after these 4 days. It was just so full-on, with late nights after 3 weeks of intense work days.

I had a TAFE class where we did pastillage – a product that sets like china. We made boxes to hold chocolates. Apparently this stuff is good to make Christmas decorations with. (On the TO DO list!)

 Jason and I took two well deserved weeks off work and went to Vanuatu for one. We celebrated our two year wedding anniversary while we were there. Oh, I so want to go back. Forget homes-sick, I think I am holiday-sick!

The day after we were back, I went off to TAFE again, for my second-last class. This was my most anticipated class of them all – sugarpaste flowers!

Love love love my frangipanis. Sweet Peas need some work but it was good practice thinning and frilling the petals. My buds at the centre need to be much smaller.

And finally, as at today. my mother-in-law’s BBQ birthday lunch here at our place. And birthday cake! I was going to do some royal icing centres for the flowers but the power decided to go out before I could make it.

Second attempt at a sugarpaste rose. Accidentally broke off two of the petals this morning while dusting the edges, but wow. What a change from the first rose.

So, welcome back to me. There’ll be some new cookies coming up real soon.

Until next time, have fun!


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    Angela Jackson June 3, 2012

    Well Bestie, your classes may be over but it’s really just the start. People are STILL talking about the cookies you made for our wedding, Shannon and I adored the ones you made for my hens and I didn’t want to eat my Hippos, birdies and ewes. Longest your cookies have lasted in our house……except for the one remaining pack of wedding cookies that I have hidden away from Mr!
    THANK YOU!!!! For keeping me on a sugar high and everything else over the last 6 months. You’re the bestest bestie a gal could ask for. xx

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    stacyhaughton October 16, 2012

    Can i buy those corset cookies from anywhere??? They are awesome!!!

    • Reply
      Siabee November 29, 2012

      Hi Stacy,

      Thanks for the comment and sorry for the delay. I have been AWOL. I made the corset cookies, but I would only ship within Australia, and I think you may be based in the UK from your email?

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