Vintage Apron

You can’t imagine how much of a thrill it is to finally make something for me. I always have intentions of doing it but then time or motivation or other people’s presents get in the way.

My indecisive husband helped me choose the main fabric for this apron, in that I asked him what he thought and he immediately agreed. Pretty rare moment that! I adore the birds and roses and real vintage feel of the print. A dark blue polka dot to match and apron-making was all set to go.

Fast-forward approximately six months and I finally made it. The skirt pattern matched the one as seen in this post but I went with a simple bib on top.


The skirt and waistband were top stitched in black and white respectively I love the professionalism and design quality that top-stitching brings to a project.

Apron Closeup

Can’t wait to use it and also dread getting splatters on it. I think I’ll need a dark apron for those extra messy kitchen endeavors.

Until next time, have fun!

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