Valentine’s Day Cookies

This blog post is a little delayed; you can blame my husband for giving me a cold for Valentine’s Day. Not much thought to these cookies, just playing with some designs over a couple of days.

I also tried a new sugar cookie recipe after the last one was just horrible to work with and the cookies went soft. This one was Peggy Porschen’s recipe. Minimum chilling time (I didn’t chill as long as suggested and I had no issues), little spreading and a delightful shortbread-like flavour and texture.

I really love this design below of the pink hearts with white flowers. My inspiration came from a tattoo design found on deviantart. I had to be careful with the consistency of the icing for piping the design, I didn’t want them to spread.


Whether you have a partner or spent Valentine’s Day alone, I hope you had a great day. I’ll share with you tomorrow the cookie gift I made my hubby, despite him giving me his cold.

Until next time, have fun!

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