UnBEARably Cute Cookies

There was just a little leftover dough in the fridge after the ladybug/leaf cookies, and after rifling through my cookie cutter stash, I found a bear head cutter that I had never used. Some earnest Pinterest browsing and I had some inspiration.

I suppose my Cookie/Cake board being called Inspiration and having 2500 pins might tell you I absolutely love the Pinterest.

Anyways….here’s some beary cookies for you.

I wanted to try to make these grey teddies look furry. The bear on the left has a bit of brush embroidery, where I’ve piped a line around the edge, and then dragged the icing in using a paintbrush. The bear on the right has its fur done by piping tiny lines quickly around the outside, and then going around it again. I wanted that rough, I guess, imperfectness which lends a more realistic look?


Stepping away from your traditional bear, we have some utterly cute polar bears. Their cheeks and ears have been brushed with pink petal dust. Oh I just want to squish their little faces!


Last, but certainly not least, more bears. I found it quite difficult to make a tan colour. The brown gel dyes I have are VERY brown, so I realised I needed to add yellow. When it didn’t work, I totally googled how to make tan icing and I was on the right track, just needed even more yellow! And then some more white icing to make it lighter again.

I sort of dropped a bag of icing on the chin of one of them, so he has a bit of patch job going on.

Jason thinks these guys look a little smug. Like they did something naughty and got away with it.


Oh, and I got these lovelies in the mail today, some more Stellar in Tourmaline for the blankie. Perfect timing as I will run out of the first ball today.


Until next time, have fun!


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    Lona October 23, 2016

    I want to nom the polar bears! They are by far my fav, but the others are super cute too!

    • Reply
      Siabee October 23, 2016

      Thanks for the comment Lona! I love when something simple turns out so well.

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