There’s a baby bumblebee on its way!

Hello blog. It’s been a while…a long while. Hopefully this will be the last goodbye for a while and there will be much crafting in my future that I can share.

There’s nothing better than being asked to make something for friends to get me motivated to bake and create. Congrats Kirsty and Rod on your newest family member soon and I hope you enjoyed your baby shower today!

These were inspired of a cookie on Pinterest, but unfortunately doesn’t seem to have a website it originated from, so apologies for that. I changed the body shape of the bee and added double wings where the original only had one to make these cookies my own. Plus I liked it better 🙂 And so 40 cute bumblebee cookies were born.

Bumblebee cookies

I added a little bit of antique gold luster dust to the bee bodies, which hopefully you can JUST tell below. Ok, take my word for it.

Bumblebee cookie closeup

All in all, I was pretty happy with how they turned out since I had been on baking hiatus for quite some time. But let me tell you, there are some freshly baked bikkie bottoms on the dining table right now waiting to be decorated. It’s been a big huge enormous baking week, with these, some fantastic green tea cupcakes with red bean buttercream that I spoiled my work mates with on Friday and a new batch of cookies coming up for my sister.

Until next time, have fun!


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