Tetris Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day Jason! Hubby was a great fan of his Valentine’s Day cookie¬†present, a tetris heart!

Unfortunately I was just about coming down with the cold and a bit out of it when I was hand-cutting the shapes and as such, one of the orange pieces was cut the wrong way and I had to chop off the end so I could form the heart properly. Never mind, it’s still yummy!

Looking at this is making me want to play tetris….did anyone suffer addiction to fitting these little blocks together when they were younger?

If you haven’t guessed, hubby is an avid gamer (read addict) though he would argue it hasn’t been officially classed as a diagnosis yet. And if you haven’t guessed I also love games – in fact it brought us together. So I’m going to go and play one.

Until next time, have fun!

P.S If you like to keep up with game news, reviews and previews, you could check out hubby’s site at www.thefrag.com.au. (Blatant advertising in exchange for sharing his tetris cookies).

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