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I haven’t baked cookies in quite a few months. Amazing and scary at the same time how fast time can pass you by. In any case, I was glad I hadn’t forgotten the recipe because I couldn’t find where I had put it or where I had gotten it from.

I must admit, the smell of them cookies baking was just heaven though they almost got burned. Please ignore the brown cookie edges you can see; it sure isn’t my fault. Five minutes went by, went to turn the tray around and they were already overdone. We recently had the fan in the oven fixed (we rent our house) but it seems to have thrown the thermostat out again. Woe is me! Good luck getting the real estate to fix that again any time soon…

Whinging aside, these toothy cookies are for the hubby who recently had an impacted wisdom tooth removed. And he can eat cookies again!

Teeth Cookies

I outlined in black royal icing and about four hours later, flooded it with white icing. Then this morning I got out my food colouring pen and had some fun drawing on silly faces. Then I promptly ate one to make sure they were yummy (aren’t they always?) and suitable for Jason to eat.

Until next time, have fun!

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    Jess July 10, 2013

    HOLY SHIT,ANNA! These look amazing! And so freaking adorable! I am going to come to your house and eat all your cookies, screw Jason!

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