Stash Add 25/10/16

Today, the first line of the song “Criminal” by Fiona Apple comes to mind. It goes like this:

“I’ve been a bad, bad girl.”

I may have gotten some more much-needed (hah, not at all) fabric to add to my stash!

Spotlight had a sale that was actually extremely good. I couldn’t say no when I saw their Aida cloth (special cloth for cross-stitch with holes in it) was reduced from $35 a metre to $14 a metre.

While you can’t see the detail of the Aida cloth in the picture below, it’s the white stuff at the top. It’s 16 count, meaning there are 16 little squares per inch. I normally go for 18 count if I can, but this is only slightly larger. The online information didn’t state how wide it was, so I grabbed two metres, and OH. My. GAWD. It’s HUGE! I’m set for white Aida cloth for at least the next ten years!


You may notice two foxy fabrics above. Bargain plus adorableness and I just must buy! I’ve wanted some fox fabric for forever and now I have two. From left to right, I got 3 metres of the flannelette to make pretty pajamas for next winter, a metre of that sweet cherry cotton, 2 metres of calico, and 3 metres of foxy cotton poplin that just looks and feels divine, in hopes of sewing up a summer dress.

I still have another metre of a cotton with flamingos on the way but it’s stuck in the postal system somewhere. For some reason, I got 6 materials sent in 3 different parcels. Oh well, I only pay the one postage!

Until next time, have fun!

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