Soft Toy Cat and Panda Pin Cushion

As promised, I made a couple more soft toys in the style of the dog from earlier. The panda design came with the pattern but I created the cat myself. You can also see my dependable sewing machine – A Brother BC-2500 that I brought on special from Spotlight about three years ago. I think it even has automatic sewing, but that scares me – I much prefer using the footpedal.

Cat, Panda and Brother

Cat and Panda Closeup

Cat has his whiskers machine sewed randomly. I think in hindsight this stitching is too thin and I would hand sew them in future.

Panda Pin Cushion

Jason asked me what I would do with more toys, to which I have found a wonderful solution. Panda is becoming my pin cushion! Can you believe I do not own a pin cushion and I have been sewing for years. No more pins everywhere on my sewing table.

Until next time, have fun!

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