What’s SMBC? Why it’s swiss meringue buttercream, otherwise known as one of the icings you NEED to know how to do. My gosh, this stuff tastes pretty fantastic. For my first attempt, I think I did really well, but I think I need just a touch less butter in it. It kept going harder than it should, which made it evil to spread in my freezing house.

Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream, just trying out some recipes, but home-made delicious lemon curd to give a bit of kick. (I had to do something with all those egg yolks!)

I decided to go with a delicate embroidery-like piping. Feels strange to pipe with buttercream rather than royal icing, the consistency is just so different. It’s also tough to pipe on the side of cakes.


There’s the yummy inside of the cake. The middle layer was slightly overcooked, because my digital scale batteries decided to die as I was weighing the third layer. I ended up putting in too much cake batter, it then needed longer to cook and ended up overcooking just slightly. My cake leveling was pretty good though thanks to a technique I picked up on Craftsy’s class “Modern Buttercream”. I also changed how I layered the buttercream and lemon curd to see which worked better. Bottom layer, curd thanbuttercream was a small disaster, spreading the buttercream over the top of the curd just made it ooze out everywhere. The top layer looks way better doing it the other way around.

My buttercream did go a bit streaky and yellow due to the “hot knife” method I tried to smooth the buttercream with. Not pleased with that but all in all, happy with my first attempt!

Until next time, have fun.

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    Jason August 13, 2012

    I thought SMBC was Super Mario Bros Cake.

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