Ruffly Apron

I’ve gotten into the habit of making things for gifts. It’s just more meaningful to me and I *usually* enjoy creating something.

It was my best friend Angela’s birthday recently and I have finally finished her gift.  And given it to her! It took me longer than I expected and with my back still healing I had to spread out the work.

I had bought the pattern Butterick 5474 almost two years ago with the intention of making myself many pretty aprons. Hasn’t happened yet but now I have two wonderful fabrics to use in my rapidly growing fabric stash with this in mind so I shall have to soon!B5474

I went with the first apron with the ruffles but decided to do only one pocket as I didn’t like the two pocket view. The ruffles add just a little girlyness to it but they don’t get in the way. It looks like a halterneck but it actually has ties. I found this gorgeous red fabric with flowers edged in gold in the quilting cotton section of my local Spotlight and matched it to this orange gingham. I realised I am even worse at buying fabrics for friends than I am for myself! I was in there for three hours trying to find something perfect. It’s called Sakura by Red Rooster Fabrics. It comes in a blue and a gold that I want so bad!

Apron - Full View

This was a really good pattern for me to try because I learnt so many new things:

Ruffles: As you can see above there were ruffles on the neckline, pocket and all around the skirt of the apron. I found it wasn’t hard at all but they were very time consuming.

Edge-stitching: Stitching close to the seam/edge. I could have gotten a little closer but didn’t want to accidentally run off the edge and have to unpick. Nothing kills my sewing mood as fast as having to unpick something. There’s also top-stitching here but I’ve done plenty of that before.

Apron - Edgestich and Topstitch

A pocket: I’ve never ever done one! The way this was done would be good for adding pockets into the linings of bags. The rounded corners were my first point of annoyance with the pattern as they had to be ease-stitched and then pulled in to ease the hem in. Maybe I will adapt the pattern (cheat) next time and go with a corner. Much easier.

Apron - Pocket

A waistband: My second point of annoyance with the pattern instructions was the waistband. The pictures and the instructions just didn’t explain it in a manner that was understandable to me. Unfortunately they were the same instructions on a pattern for a top I made last year  and I completely stuffed that one up. However now that I have figured it out I shouldn’t ever have a problem with them again. I’m so happy qith how it looks. All of the seams and stitching are nicely tucked away.

Apron - Inside of Waistband

This picture below isn’t of something new I have learned but an adaption to the pattern I made. There was meant to be gathering along the underside of the bust but when I gathered it in as much as possible, it still wouldn’t fit into the allocated area. So I ripped out the gathering stitches and folded it in to make a pleat. Next time I would either make the gathering stitches go further or maybe put in some darts.

Apron - Pleat

Verdict was she loved it and plans it to be her “hostess” apron. it’s apparently too pretty to use every day.

Until next time, have fun!

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    Angela April 10, 2013

    I love it, It’s beautiful and I keep looking at it lovingly every time I walk past it’s home in my kitchen! And no, I haven’t fulfilled my husband’s fantasies and modelled it nude for him yet. Saving that for when he least expects it! lol

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