Rainbow Wedding

I had the pleasure of creating a whole bunch of cupcakes and a small cutting cake for a girl I worked with for her wedding day.  I think it is a bit of a leap to trust an amateur with your wedding day cakes, so I thank Naomi and her now-husband Ben for trusting in me!

Rainbow Cupcakes

Naomi isn’t one to go along with traditional wedding ideas. She had a knee length dress and a bouquet of giant rainbow lollipops. The bridesmaids had blue dresses with bright yellow high heels. So there was one thing she was adamant about, it was “I want rainbow cupcakes, as bright as possible.”

Six dozen cupcakes, and a small 7 inch cutting cake were created for her wedding. I did a number of trial cupcakes in different designs and these were the ones that made the final cut. And as a bonus, I was completely stoked with how they turned out! Naomi loved too many of the trials, so we decided to make each colour a different design. We kept the flowers whimsical and cute; no roses for this girl.Green Cupcakes Yellow Cupcakes Blue Cupcakes Purple Cupcakes Pink Cupcakes Orange Cupcakes

Flavour wise I made chocolate, vanilla and lemon poppy-seed, two dozen of each, with white chocolate ganache and covered in sugarpaste. The cutting cake was chocolate too and the request of the groom which I covered in ganache and sugarpaste also, with colourful wavy strips around the outside to tie it into the cupcakes.

Rainbow Cake

I really am happy with how these all look. It’s frankly a miracle it even happened. Our Australian weather has just been terrible in the last three weeks. We have had storms and heatwaves and such high humidity it reduced me almost to tears on several occasions. I ended up having to do redo dozens of sugarpaste flowers three times because they wouldn’t harden. Can you imagine how it feels to discover your second set of flowers have turned into a puddle of marshmellow type mush three days before you need them?

A MASSIVE THANK-YOU to my best friend Angela who lent me her dehumidifer and basically saved my life. It let my sugarpaste dry perfectly and hence, the cakes were delivered just as they were meant to.

Wedding Cake Table

If you thought the creating sounded like hard work, the delivery and set-up were just as horrific. My lovely husband Jason helped me get the cakes to the venue, on public transport when there was track-work. So it was two trains and a bus, then a short walk. And then when we got there, all the wedding guests were already inside! So I had to set-up in the corner in the middle of a reception, which started much earlier than planned because the wedding details had to be changed because of all the rain. That was just a LITTLE stressful, not to mention the photographer snapping me putting out the cupcakes. Agh. Plus her cupcake tower fell though the day before so she only had these rickety little ones that had too many holes for the cupcakes (even after I left my spare dozen for breakages).

In all, it was a tough two days and extra morning baking, ganaching, covering in sugarpaste and piping details. I seriously wished for a minion by the end of it. But seeing how it all turned out and getting to show them now, it really makes it worth it.

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