Painting with icing

Hi all,

I’ve been a little absent from here, not from lack of cookie-making but from sheer stupidity. I mean, I made two sets of cookies in the last few weeks and forgot to take photos before they were devoured. Then there was exhausting work, an entire weekend celebrating my birthday (yippee!) and attending my cake decorating course!

Hopefully you haven’t missed me too much, or maybe you have and that’s even more awesome. So I’m going to show you what I did in class today! Brush embroidery! It’s basically painting with icing and it’s heaps of fun.

My first attempt was satisfactory, but my aim for perfection actually held me back.

So I relaxed a little, picked up the pace, tried not to be perfect and popped out this little beauty! I absolutely love it!

We had time for one last attempt and and you can see this one below. The colour I made was just gorgeous.

We also learned how to cover a cake board with sugarpaste (which was, along with brush embroidery, one of  the things crossed of my list of what I wanted to learn in this course). And we got to play with crimpers, those are the patterns you can see around the edges of the sugarpaste. Hubby rolled his eyes when I came home and said I wanted some! But then, I did place TWO orders for cake decorating supplies last week. I had birthday money to spend so don’t give me that look!

So, until next time, have fun! And stay tuned, there’s cookies tomorrow. 🙂

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