Halloween 2016 Silhouettes

Welcome back and Happy Halloween! I’ve been hard at work at my final cookies for this year’s Halloween. Actually, no. These were really easy to do and took barely any time so it was a lovely wind-down.

I wanted to venture into playing with some silhouettes, layering and keeping the colour scheme really simple. I had a bit of inspiration from Pinterest and looking at “halloween cards”. Wow are there some talented card makers out there! I grabbed some paper and started to sketch some ideas. I haven’t sketched in years and years though I guess my “traditional” art from high school just transformed into other creative mediums such as dough and sugar and fabric. ­čÖé


I revisited the cookie pumpkins, layering first orange, and then the black icing on top so that the jack o’lantern face would look like it was lit from within. Do you like my spiderweb paper I made today?


I really scrounged around in my fabric stash today to find some variety. Look, cats for my cats!


I started to iron out some of the cotton fabric, but realised the crumples added a really nice texture to today’s pictures.


The grey icing marble effect was a really cool experiment and I’d love to explore this some more in the future. I achieved this by starting to mix some black icing into white, but not mixing until it was uniform. You can see that the left and right sides of the cookie differ, just by how I piped the icing on, whether it was back and forth horizontally or swirling.

I decided to leave the bat out of this design and let the tree feature prominently. Ok so my tree needs work as I was just freestyling here.


For the final cookie and my slightly crooked haunted house, the layering effect once again comes into play as with the pumpkins, with lower layers lighting up the windows. I played a little with shadows on this one and I like how it has lent an unintentional airbrushing ombre effect on the orange icing.


I better head off and go select a horror movie to watch tonight, because DO. LOVE. HORROR. MOVIES! We need no excuse to watch.

Until next time, have fun!


Hello witchiepoo! You’re the last of the spookily cute characters and to celebrate, you even have props!

The funnest parts of this were probably the curly hair and the cauldron bubbles. Both required doing a few hair wiggles/bubbles, allowing them to dry a bit, then adding more. If you don’t, they’ll just join up and look like a blob.


With the broom, I wanted it to look rough and ragged and straw-like, so I dragged the piping tip along the dried orange icing while I piped the black. Do you think it worked?

Here’s a close up of the hair. ┬áThere was four layers between the grey and the black and it was so enjoyable to do, just wiggle your piping bag and squeeze. Purposefully be messy!


Now just because I’ve finished these cookie characters, does not mean there are no more Halloween cookies. There’s still a few days until then and there’s still cookie dough in the fridge to be used.

Until next time, have fun!

Ghost and Mummy

Like promised, time to view our double feature on Halloween cookie fest week! Our scary duo in white, please welcome ghost and mummy.


Ghost was just a quickie of a cookie and while he’s cute as a button, his simplicity does stand out against the rest of these cookies.

With the mummy, I had planned to pipe all the bandages but for once, Jason’s advice turned out for the better (his gaming advice usually ends up with me dead :P). After seeing how the edible marker worked on Frankenstein, he suggested doing the mummy with it too. I piped the outline with icing, and then drew the lines, and I have to say, the effect is spectacular. I believe if everything was piped, it would look too busy and for sure, the eyes and mouth wouldn’t stand out as much.

I was a little worried this morning about having to take photos, because it is the most overcast of days today. I wandered around the house trying to find a spot that had sufficient light, and possibly found my new favourite spot – in front of the glass sliding doors leading to our balcony, in the main bedroom. I was surprised how much light there was! Only thing is, there’s not a great deal of room and I had to get down on the floor. The sacrifices we make!

So that’s it for today and I hope I see you tomorrow when I share the final spooky character.

Until next time, have fun!


Today’s cookie is some hot stuff indeed. Yep, I went there.

Say hello to my little devil! I’ve done some progress shots here too in case you’d like to see how I put him together.

Here is cookie, and template. For my hand-cut cookies, I print out the picture, cover it with plastic contact on both sides, which gives a firmer template to cut around plus stops the butter oil from getting onto the paper.

Again, my edible marker has been used to sketch the outlines.


I mixed up a bright red and a dark red to achieve the shading look, using wet on wet technique.


I finished the red first, then left it to dry for half a day, then adding the white. Red and black icing leech their colour into others really easily so letting them dry a long as possible is a good move.

*glares at dimple in left hand* Seems I was a little eager to get going and used my red icing soon after mixing and we have some air bubbles.


And now, details! Cheeky little bugger!


Catch me here tomorrow for a double cookie feature.

Until next time, have fun!


Cookies cookies cookies! I have definitely been working on more and I may possibly be icing in my dreams. But it has been a lot of fun.

I found my inspiration for the next set of cookies on Shutterstock. That’s my two go-to’s: Pinterest and Shutterstock.

I’ve decided to share a little more of the process for this little green guy.

These Kopykake markers are double sided, with a thin and a thick point, and completely edible. When the image is a little more complex like Frankie here and I want to get the proportions right, I will sketch onto the cookie using this marker. Then, with my flooding consistency icing, I pipe an outline, and then flood.


And…check out my fingers, which after mixing ONLY some green icing, somehow has red dye on them too. I think I must be a master at getting myself dirty. At the time of writing this, I have also managed to get black icing in between two of my toes for the second time in one week. I can’t even fathom how that happens.


So back to the cookies, if you want to make sections that join appear look to be separate, you do need to leave the icing to dry for a bit. It could be as little as ten minutes, or up to half an hour. Then do a little more like below. We want to get the backgrounds all done before we start adding detail.


I did the shirt in two goes, the torso section first, let it dry a bit and then did the arms. Unless you are using a very fine tip, which in turn makes flooding areas almost impossible, it’s a bit hard to get fine detail. A little trick however is to use a toothpick to pull the icing to where you want it to go, like I’ve done here on the ragged sleeve edge.

You do want to make sure you get the double ended real pointy toothpicks, and not the squarish fat ones.


Let’s add some grey hair and belt, and wiggle some white icing immediately onto the hair so that it sinks in and lays flat. Again I used a toothpick to direct the icing.


Finally, we can add the details that really bring the cookie to life. I used a combination of black icing and the edible marker to provide outlines.


Oh, he’s just the cutest!

Tune in tomorrow to see one of Frankenstein’s friends. I’ll be showing a different one each day.

Until next time, have fun!