Mallard Scarf Complete

Hey there!

I’ve been knitting away  and a few days ago I finally finished the hubby’s scarf. Some days went really well and I made my 10 cm target, some I overshot that and some I didn’t get anywhere near. It’s really challenging knitting in winter when the days can be so cold your fingers ache and you just can’t continue.

Unlike today….which has feels like a spring day. The sun’s shining and I’ve had to take my winter UGG boots and jumper off. It was perfect to wash and block the scarf so I could hand it off.

I took a chance and set up the blocking mats out on the balcony so it would get lots of sun. As I thought, I had a bit of debris to brush off afterwards but it was worth it as it only took about four hours to dry. Way better than the five days it would probably take inside when it gets cold.

It took all nine of my blocking mats and my pins to lay this scarf out. Ignore the sad dead veggie plants/parsley that refuses to die in the background 🙂

I love the 3-2 ribbing and the slight difference in texture it provides on each side. The blocking did widen the scarf just a little and gave some definition to the rib, whereas before it was scrunched up and curling on the sides. Oh, and I noticed the wool gave off very little dye when washed for the first time, so that’s a tick!

That’s a lotta scarf! In the end I used all of the 200 gram ball and it came out at 220 cm long and 10 cm wide, though the ribbing makes it really scrunchy and stretchy.

My job complete, I handed it over to the always serious Jason, as evidenced by the photo below.


His comment – “It’s long. And a bit scratchy.”

(Yes, and not really…he just doesn’t wear wool and I expect it will soften with wear as well.) At least he will have a snuggly neck once this warm weather goes away and he gets to wear it!

In other knitting news I’ve been trying to learn how to do the “magic loop” method, which is knitting in the round on one circular needle….I got a little frustrated day one, but day two is going better. Hoping to get the hang of it soon so I can make the fingerless gloves I want to make, keep those cold hands warm!

Until next time, have fun!

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