Ladybug Birthday

My little niece Lilah turned one recently and she had a fabulous party thrown for her on the weekend. Here’s the birthday cake I made for her. The bottom tier was chocolate and the top two vanilla, covered with white chocolate ganache and then sugarpaste.

I started off with a completely different looking cake depending on whether my ladybug carving skills failed but they didn’t! You really do need to make sure you have the right texture cake to be able to cut into it or it will just fall to crumbs.

Went with some pink ombré blossoms (ombré is so in right now) along the bottom tier and though you can’t see it, some edible glitter on the ‘Lilah’ hand-cut letters. They were such a pain to do as we have had some warm weather lately and sugarpaste just doesnt like that.

Can’t really see in this shot either but the ladybug does have spots on her pink back.

I also made a “quick” platter of cookies to go with. I did a faint pink line through the white of the flowers with the wet-on-wet technique, where you ice in one colour, then immediately put a dot(or whatever shape) of another colour icing on top. It will settle in to become smooth. I then drew a toothpick through the dot to pull it down the petal.

This was so much fun to do!

Until next time, have fun.

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