Hunger Games Mockingjay

I had an order earlier in the week for a dozen cookies and a dozen cupcakes featuring The Hunger Games mockingjay on them.

I printed out a template for the mockingjay, overlaid a piece of wax paper and piped the gold royal icing in the shape of the template. I wanted to leave it simple for the cupcake toppers, but for the cookies, I went back when the base was dry and brush embroidered to create the effect of feathers of the wings, tail and head. When that was dry I piped an outline on the mockingjay to give it a bit more defnition. Then I dusted both subtly with gold edible glitter, though you can’t tell in the photo. It is a bit of a process!

The cupcakes were a yummy chocolate cake recipe with vanilla buttercream piped using a Wilton 22 star tip. The cookies were my usual vanilla with vanilla royal icing. I flooded the cookie base entirely in white, then pressed the gold mockingjay which was peeled off the wax paper very veeeery carefully into the white while it was still wet. Always make spares when doing runouts like the mockingjays, lots of spares! They are so fragile. I came down to my last spare when doing the cookies and it was stressing me out.

Until next time, have fun!

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