Halloween 2016 Vampire

Halloween isn’t very big in Australia, but damn it is a great reason to make fun cookies.

Our Halloween usually entails one of following three types.

1. Where we buy a little bit of candy, but no one comes to the door
2. Where we buy no candy and suddenly there are kids knocking so we pretend we aren’t here, or
3. We hibernate and watch horror movies

Granted, in the last five years, I think we’ve had two kid visits, so….like I said, it ain’t that big here. But we need no excuses to watch horror movies or eat cookies.

FYI – We watched Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil last night, and it’s just hilarious. Totally a comedy/horror you should check out.

I asked Jason what I should make that was Halloween themed and he told me chibi vampires. Basically chibi is Japanese slang for a short person or small person in a cute way. I think these little guys fit the bill.


I’ve been reading a little about photo composition and fancy camera terms over the last day. I know my photos are generally terrible, so hopefully you’ll notice them getting better from here on out. Leave a comment and let me know what you think?

I realised, I am also terrible at making purple icing. Vamps’ cloak is meant to be purple, but all I ended up making out of two tries was maroon, and aubergine. Yes, technically aubergine is a purple but not what I was going for. It developed the colour as it dried, and looks almost black now.

Stay tuned for more Halloween cookies over the next week.

Until next time, have fun!

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