Ghost and Mummy

Like promised, time to view our double feature on Halloween cookie fest week! Our scary duo in white, please welcome ghost and mummy.


Ghost was just a quickie of a cookie and while he’s cute as a button, his simplicity does stand out against the rest of these cookies.

With the mummy, I had planned to pipe all the bandages but for once, Jason’s advice turned out for the better (his gaming advice usually ends up with me dead :P). After seeing how the edible marker worked on Frankenstein, he suggested doing the mummy with it too. I piped the outline with icing, and then drew the lines, and I have to say, the effect is spectacular. I believe if everything was piped, it would look too busy and for sure, the eyes and mouth wouldn’t stand out as much.

I was a little worried this morning about having to take photos, because it is the most overcast of days today. I wandered around the house trying to find a spot that had sufficient light, and possibly found my new favourite spot – in front of the glass sliding doors leading to our balcony, in the main bedroom. I was surprised how much light there was! Only thing is, there’s not a great deal of room and I had to get down on the floor. The sacrifices we make!

So that’s it for today and I hope I see you tomorrow when I share the final spooky character.

Until next time, have fun!


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    Lona October 28, 2016

    I know you said in a post that you were working on photo composition, and I must say, using the plain bright blue background really makes these guys pop! The vampires and pumpkins too, the setting is awesome. While the monster and the devil have plain background, it does allow for the focus to be on all their little details. I am hoping that you’ll do a fun photo shoot with all of the Halloween creations!

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      Siabee October 28, 2016

      Ooo, thanks for the feedback! I thought the same about the blue background, so I’m glad to see it worked. I tried to find some Halloween props at our variety stores but wow, there’s not much out there this year.

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