For the Home: Cherry Peg Bag

We’ve always had a dodgy peg bag purchased from the supermarket. When approximately two months ago the hanger inside of it snapped, I went to buy another one. My cheap-ass side hyperventilated at the $4 price tag and refused to purchase it. Some support from the masses please – if you have another option would you really buy the thin, blue and white striped, plastic-hangered atrocity from the supermarket for that price? Come on, I can buy a block of chocolate with that money.

“I can do better than that, I’ll make my own!” I said.

I procrastinated by looking at tonnes of sewing sites and Pinterest trying to decide on what my peg bag should look like. In the meantime my broken disheveled peg bag lay on the back step instead of hanging from the line while I hung my washing.

But here is the masterpiece! If you are interested, I followed this simple tutorial.

I used a little bit of this cherry-print cotton sateen with the lining and button hooks in cotton poplin.

Cherry Peg Bag

Jason’s opinion is that it looks like a hungry frog, but other than that he’s a fan. I like that the “mouth” is wider than the supermarket version so you don’t get your hand stuck inside while fetching pegs. The fabric hooks fold over the line and loop over the buttons. No pesky buttonholes here! There is also no hanger to break, woohoo!

Cherry Peg Bag - In Action

The pegs are happily snuggled in their new home

Cherry Peg Bag - Home to Pegs

And look! The button hooks double as a hanging hook when not in use.

Cherry Peg Bag - Hanging

Until next time, have fun!

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