Flowers for Nan

Hubby and I visited his nan in the nursing home on the weekend and I made some cookies for it! They were intended to be part of a cookie bouquet but for some reason these cookies went soft the day after they were iced and stayed soft. It was a new recipe, as I’m searching for the perfect one for me, but we just aren’t there yet. Despite the fact the dough was easier to handle without massive amounts of chilling and it tasted fabulous, the end result disappoints.

So here they are. I wanted to keep them nice and simple but pretty. Had a little oopsie when my finger went into the drying icing on the top left cookie. I was such a klutz that day.

Now because of the softness issue, I couldn’t take them (was hoping they would harden up a little in a day or so). I’ll send them along with hubby’s mum next weekend.

Positive side: Nan won’t have trouble eating soft cookies.

Until next time, have fun.


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    Kristina February 9, 2012

    Am loving your posts! And my god, your cookies look fantastic. I am really impressed. You need to start sharing some recipes now. I’m also mad about baking but yeah, need something new to try 🙂
    Anyway, keep posting. I am loving your posts!

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      Siabee February 9, 2012

      Thanks Kris, kind words make me want to make more! I’ll definitely share some recipes in future.

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