Fairies for Lisa

My little sis turned the big 30 at the end of January and in true style I sent her present and cookies a month late. But don’t hate on me too much, I did talk with her on the big day!


These are cookies that were meant to have been made some time last year, before my sis actually moved to Adelaide and far far away from me. Ah the things you do for love! The girl she was sharing a flat with asked for some fairy garden cookies because Lisa couldn’t think of a theme. They never got made so I recycled the idea for now.

They were meant to be more detailed cookies but I unfortunately have suffered from a herniated disc which is taking a really long time to heal. That’s another excuse why they were done a month late; it was really hard to sit and ice cookies for more than 5 minutes at a time over the last few weeks.

I’m really disappointed in my fairies and I think I might revisit them at a later time and try to improve upon them. I really suck when I don’t plan my cookie designs in advance. And my icing was starting to get too much air in it and I ended up with bubbles in the hair and legs. Yuck!

Chalk it up to more learning curves right?

In any case, the consensus from my sis is that they looked good and tasted yummy! She also loved the Pandora charms I sent her to go with the gift her boyo got her. Mission accomplished I say, even if I’m not happy with the end result.

Until next time, have fun!

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