Epic Pokemon – Magmar

I have been cross-stitching since my early high school years, when a friend of mine showed me what she had been working on. My mum had done long-stitch, my grandmother embroidery so perhaps it was fated that I too would find myself doing some sort of needlework.

My friend taught me the basics of cross-stitch, finding the middle of your cloth, starting and ending threads and how to form your little crosses. Because that is all cross-stitch is; little crosses in different colours on a piece of cloth. I only ever do counted cross- stitch because I hate the inexactness of printed cross-stitch.

So I started out doing bookmarks and other small things until in Year 9 at high school my Design and Technology (fancy name for sewing and stuff) did a term on cross-stitch. Score! I chose this big owl sitting on a tree branch for my project, when my teacher told me maybe it was a bit ambitious. It was, to tell you the truth, with only two months to do it, as a teenager, but you just don’t tell me what I can’t do! I’ll just do it and show you I did, uh huh!

So I did, even if I was up to 2am the night before it was due finishing off all the back-stitching. I’m still proud of my owl and he’s hanging in our bedroom. But I think he was the real start of my love of cross-stitch. 

While I was looking for employment last year, I started cross-stitching again. I am notorious for starting things and then not finishing them. However, I was bored so I picked up a piece I hadn’t finished and started work on it again. Then an acquaintance on Twitter (thanks Jess!) showed a small Pokemon cross-stitch she had been working on. It suddenly sounded like a fantastic idea. Christmas was coming up in a month and Jason just adores the Pokemon games. You can’t count the number of hours he has put into it. So I googled “Pokemon Cross-Stitch” and discovered the Epic Pokemon Pattern. Jason chose the generation 1 pattern as it is his favourite.

Now, it never got finished for Christmas because it is just ENORMOUS! The pattern prints out on 30 A4 pages and my aida cloth is approximately 50cm x 70cm. So here is the work in progress and the latest finished pokemon – Magmar.


Epic Pokemon

I’ll be updating with each finished pokemon.

Until next time, have fun.

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