Epic Pokemon Cross-stitch Update 26/07/16

Just because I haven’t posted, doesn’t mean I haven’t been crafting! I’ve been messing about with yarn a bit, learning a few new techniques, and have been prepping to try a pair of socks…..but mostly I pulled out the old Epic Pokemon Cross-stitch and have been playing with that. My latest slog at it has ticked off quite a few Pokemon, over a page and a half of A4 sized pattern, and a lot of tv show catch up while I’ve been at it. Just finished watching The Flash!

Check out these new guys below.

I must admit that the release of Pokemon Go inspired me to get back into doing this, and get out of the house and walk about 😉 Regardless of the people hatin’ on it, it’s only inspired me and that’s a good thing. I found it amusing that on the day I finished Tentacool, I hatched one out of an egg.

So, I’ve just realised that a whole bunch of the cross-stitch hasn’t been recorded, so I guess I’ll have to provide a progress report with the next one. I’m over halfway to completion which gives me the feeling that one day I’ll actually finish this!

When I returned to this project, I had it set up on the below lap frame. The aida cloth was stitched onto the cloth around those horizontal rods, and then wound up to provide a taut surface on which to stitch. What I found though, was I hadn’t put it on quite straight, so the sides were looser than the middle. It’s almost impossible to stitch on fabric that isn’t taut.

I also found that this was super unwieldy. I had used the longest horizontal rods provided so that I could get the entire width of the Pokemon cross-stitch to display, but this meant the frame was wider than my legs when I was sitting and it either kept slipping off or my arms would ache having to reach around this enormous frame and my stitching speed was abysmally slow. I eventually gave up and went back to my old round frame.

I’ll give the lap frame another go in the future with the smaller rods and see if that helps. I sure hope it does.

I better leave you for now and head into the kitchen to make my pasta sheets for chicken and mushroom ravoli for dinner (YUM!) and then I guess I’ll start on my next pokemon and queue up some Arrow episodes. 🙂

Until next time, have fun!


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    Lona July 27, 2016

    Looking good!That Poliwag is so cute. I’ve dabbled with cross stitch myself. I have a huge Disney one to do somewhere and I have a partial Hawaiian islands one on bars. I too have struggled with lap bars and finagling various set ups. I bought a stand and used canvas stretcher bars (for painting) to hold my cloth, problem for me is large bars make maneuvering a pain. =/

    The Flash and Arrow are the only shows I watch any more with any regularity. XD Hope you’re enjoying them! <3

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      Siabee August 5, 2016

      Thanks Lona. Yeah, it is a pain maneuvering around large bars. I’ve thought about a stand but I feel my bad back would have issues using one. For now, I’ll stick with a small hoop for now.

      I loved The Flash! Arrow is sometimes a bit too whiny, but the second half of this last season really grabbed me!

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