Epic Pokemon Cross-stitch Update 18/10/16

The Epic Pokemon cross-stitch is coming along nicely, albeit slower now I’ve started knitting a blanket. On the blanket front, I’m up to 17cm out of 150. Which is pretty awesome for six days work.

I did have a bit of a set back on day two when I moved from the blanket border to the pattern, and had to spend part of day three ripping out the six rows. The pattern I’m doing is a set of seven stitches, a combinations in knits, decrease stitches and yarnovers. I have not done yarnovers before, but they are a way of making a stitch, by putting the yarn…over the needle. Super original hey! It was going fine, until I realised that on row three I had forgotten a yarnover, reducing the stitches from seven to six. Uh oh! There was no way to fix it but to rip back to the border and start again.

Now, I have a stitch marker between each set of seven stitches and count them tirelessly┬áto make sure I always have seven. It’s working! I’m almost finished the first ball of yarn and have six more being delivered this week.

But back to cross-stitch! I finished off another page and a bit and here’s the results.img_0581

I love the curls Jiggly and Wiggly have, they are just adorable! Zubat annoys me, as my home town is rife with these in Pokemon Go and they can be annoying to catch. There there *pat self* don’t take it out of the cross-stitch.

Nine and a bit pattern pages left. That’s so exciting!

Until next time, have fun!

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