Epic Pokemon Cross-stitch Update 11/06/13

I’ve been working on the Epic Pokemon Cross-stitch some more and here are the next set of completed Pokemon. I’ve been starting to feel the call of this again, chilling out for a couple hours of an evening while my husband plays Xbox or stitching while watching something. It has been very enjoyable.

Pokemon Update 11.06.13

Introducing Ditto (pink), Aerodactyl (grey) and Dragonite (yellow, though apparently this Pokemon should be more orange than yellow?) Can you tell yet who the two Pokemon to the left are? Leave me a comment if you think you know who they are! It won’t be too long until they are finished.

Until next time, have fun!


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    Lisa June 11, 2013

    Is one of them Pikachu??

    • Reply
      Siabee June 14, 2013

      No, and that is the only pokemon you know!

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