Epic Pokemon Cross-Stitch – One Quarter of the Way

I realised yesterday when I finished the past two Pokemon, that I was just over a quarter of the way to completion. I’ve put a lot of hours into it already but it is still enjoyable. I can’t wait until it’s done, framed and hanging on a wall.

I also realised how filthy the fabric is getting. It always happens. Even if you wash your hands regularly, with the amount of time you handle the cloth it just builds up. Maybe I should get some little white cloth gloves, but then my hands will melt. What a conundrum! Luckily, when it’s washed, it will all come out. Which then makes me wonder, why is one of the rules for the Royal Easter Show needlework entries that your work cannot be washed? Bizarre!

So today we have two photos. One of the completed Lapras (blue) and Kabutops (brown) and one showing you everything stitched so far. Quarter of the way to being finished!

Lapras and Kabutops

Pokemon - One Quarter Complete

Until next time, have fun!



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    Jess July 10, 2013

    HOLY SHITTING DICKS, ANNA! This is fucking amazing! I was impressed by your tooth cookies, but this is *something else!*

    • Reply
      Siabee July 14, 2013

      LOL, very verbal Jess. You probably don’t remember you were the inspiration to go cross-stitch Pokemon.

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