Epic Pokemon – Gyarados

Gyarados is the next addition to the Epic Pokemon cross-stitch. He took quite a few days to finish because he’s big compared to the majority of the other Pokemon on here.


Jason delights in telling me over and over that Gyarados evolves from the most useless of Pokemon – Magikarp. I wonder when we might see him.

I’ve been trying to cross-stitch this week, but it hasn’t mixed well with the cold I came down with. All I could manage to do was basically watch tv and cut out paper patterns. Which I usually abhor. The cutting, not the tv watching. Hopefully since that horrible part is out of the way for some patterns, I might be making some clothes soon. I really should. I cleaned up the sewing room recently and have filled two 55 litre boxes with fabrics I have accumulated. Well, most of the fabric.

Until next time, have fun!

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