D is for

Deathspank and de Blob!

I think Deathspank was one of the first Xbox arcade games I played. I laughed and slashed my way through the entire game happily, and then the sequel when it came along. Haven’t got around to spending the money on the third yet but hope to because I can’t get enough of the ridiculous and amusing fun.

Fantastic unicorn poop, Deathspank himself and the Thong of Justice feature below. (Ignore the smoosh mark in the thong, I don’t even recall when my finger did it)

de Blob was another favourite and I’ve played both. Surely you can understand splattering paint everywhere can be appealing? Plus it was developed in Australia! Woot for the home country.

We’ve got de Blob, Pinky and an evil inky.

Until next time, have fun!

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