Cute Puppy

So, I seem to have found my way back here again! And to celebrate this joyous occasion we also have something to blog about.

You may have realised that I haven’t been blogging much, and the the fact is I haven’t been doing much of anything at all. I started a new job in January that ended up being a really bad decision as it was so stressful. However I made the decision a month ago to leave there and gave my four week’s notice, which ended last Friday. Hooray!

While unemployment brings its own stress, at least in the meantime I can try to enjoy myself while looking for new work. I actually sewed today, for the first time in a few months. I even have a fantastic idea for cookies I want to try out soon. I feel like I am getting back pieces of myself that “the job” had stolen from me.

This little project was asked by my mother-in-law Beryl. She wanted to give a toy to a little boy. My understanding is that he is four months old and has been so ill he hasn’t been able to play with any toys since he was born but now he’s going home. I really hope he likes this cute little puppy, he was so fun to sew.

Here’s our kitty Cohen with the puppy. I needed a size comparison…..and it’s rare I can get Cohen to look at the camera without pulling a face at me. He’s so human sometimes it isn’t funny.

A closeup of the puppy. I learnt some very basic applique here today. Love learning new things! I certainly will experiment further with applique. It is just so versatile. I also had to do some french knots for the pup’s eyes. Thought I might have to look up how to do it but seems the hundreds I did back in high school on a embroidery project stuck with me.

I think the little arms and legs are really good for a baby, I read they like to pull on little tags and things on toys and the little squishy padded body is just perfect for cuddling.

There’s some other designs like this I want to try, even have ideas for a few that step outside the pattern!

Until next time, have fun!

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