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2017 Goals

Trying something new here. Writing a list of my crafty goals for the year. It’s bizarre, when I’m in a work situation I’ll write lists to keep me on track and be aware of what I need to achieve, but in my home life I rarely have. During December I was making daily to-do lists in terms of housework which helped me get more done but crafty lists? Never done them. Too stubborn, too lazy?

It’s possibly why I tend to lack motivation, why I forget to do something or lose track of time. So I’m going to try this and see how it goes.

What motivates me?

  • Learning new skills
  • Making something for someone else
  • Finishing a project

My 2017 goals

  • Sew once a week. Not necessarily start and finish something, but just get in there and sew for an hour or two every single week. Try and make it a habit.
  • Finish some old projects I have sitting around. Some pillows and some tote bags come to mind.
  • Make cookies! Try to get better at judging my icing consistencies, reducing air bubbles, and try to be a little more creative, make my own designs.
  • Learn a few new techniques, for example – experiment with sugarpaste flowers, and how to knit cables.
  • Stash busting! I have three enormous plastic boxes with fabric and one of yarn. I’m an impulsive buyer when it comes to crafting (who just bought another 9 sewing patterns this morning).
  • Knit 5 projects this year. Keep working on those skills!
  • Annoy you all by writing about my crafting at least once a week. 😉
  • Start the Sweet Siabee Store on Etsy? This has been an idea lingering in my mind for years now, and voiced by quite a few friends and family.  Being out of work for now is a great opportunity to do this and maybe bring in some money to fund my crafting?

Wow, once I started thinking about all this, it really grew. It’s like exercise….might be hard to start but once you do you feel great and can’t stop. Now, I should print out this stuff and stick it up where I can see it and be reminded!

Until next time, have fun!


You may have noticed a few changes around my blog; the biggest being that Cookies and Consoles was retired and Sweet Siabee was born. Cookies and Consoles seemed too restrictive for what I wanted to do and I think in part that was why I failed at posting regularly. Also pure laziness but we won’t hold that against me right?

I tend to be someone who flits from activity to activity. I get stuck into something hardcore for a short while then move on to something else, and eventually come back around. The endless circle of me.

I have noticed there are several things I like to do and all are about creating. I like to bake, I like to sew and I like to cross-stitch. I sometimes joke that I was born in the wrong era and I would have been a fabulous 1950’s housewife. Except that I hate to clean and usually wear pants rather than dresses.

So… was created. You’ll see different categories at the top of what I plan to share with you. That may even grow, since Jason sulks that I haven’t used the scrapbook he got me for our first wedding anniversary (Paper). Can I say I’m scared because I could get addicted to scrapbooking?

The website’s look has also had an update. I’m fond of simplicity and cleanliness and I think this new look reflects that. Despite the fact it took me hours, I even made myself a cute little header. I’m no graphic designer as you can tell.

Lastly, we have finally invested in buying a new camera. No more horrible phone pictures! Except for this one. Look at this baby! It’s a chunky beast but didn’t cost a million dollars and suited both of our needs and wants. Will you bear with me while I learn how to use it? The manual only has 371 pages.


Lastly, welcome and I hope you stick around and follow my journey. Until next time, have fun!