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Castle Crashers!

I played this with my hubby when it came out on Xbox Live Arcade, who of course is my usual co-op partner. On a side note I don’t usually play online with others, since I’m too competitive and I’d class myself with average gaming skills? Which means I lose a lot. Not ideal. I also can’t stand immaturity and stupidity in large doses which abound online.

But playing at home co-op is good. This game was so much fun! I love cute beat em up games. These are the four main characters you can play as and each has a different magical ability. From left to right: Ice, Poison, Fire and Electricity. There’s more characters you can unlock as you go along. It also had very amusing weapons you could use to defeat your enemies.

These turned out just how I envisioned them. Mighty happy when that happens! Green Knight is my favourite, I really get the billowing poison clouds coming off, even in 2D!

Until next time, have fun!

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    Tim October 1, 2012

    Awesome! Really impressed with how elemental these clearly are.

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