Butterfly Apron

I know I’ve been hitting the apron pattern reasonably hard, as this is the third one, though only the second one for me. Maybe I’ll sign up AA (Aprons Anonymous) when I hit twenty or something.

I had bought this butterfly print cotton quite a while ago; if I estimate right it might have been close to two years and was one of the first after I purchased my sewing machine. Well, my intention of sewing with it finally happened. I paired it with a blue cotton poplin for the back skirt waistband and ties. I had to add an extra layer of off-white fabric behind the butterfly print because it was a little see-through. The pattern called for rickrack as decoration along the bottom of the skirt which I didn’t have but I had a lot of ribbon on hand.

Butterfly Apron

But what really grabs me in this pattern set, is that each apron has a different technique that I haven’t learnt before. This time I was learning pleats and there were two types. There are box pleats (below). These look pretty casual as they haven’t been pressed all the way down the length of the apron skirt. I remember my school uniform skirt had box pleats that were a pain to iron but looked good.

Apron - Front Pleats

I think these are called knife pleats. These took what seemed forever to mark up from the pattern, fold, press then stitch. And what really bugs me about these is that it makes no sense to me why they are even there. The front skirt covers up the back skirt completely. All that work never gets seen – it’s frustrating and disappointing.

Apron - Back Pleats

I had some issues with the pattern and instructions this time around. I didn’t feel that the pleat instructions were very clear, so much so that I had to go to a second source to confirm the process. The pattern was incorrect as the circles on both sides of the pleat in one section were the same, when one side should have been small and one side large so you knew which way to fold it. And lastly I discovered that I would do some things differently. See below in the picture. The bottom hem is sewn, then the side hem over it and then the ribbon attached across the bottom hem stitch line. That ribbon fold over the side hem just looks sloppy and unprofessional. It should be (and how I will do it next time) bottom hem, attach ribbon, side hem.

Apron - Ribbon Attachment

Lastly, I trotted out to Spotlight yesterday with the intention of picking up some cotton and sewing machine needles to take advantage of their 2 day 30% off everything sale. Which is always a dangerous trip because I rarely buy fabric at full price. However I had every intention of staying away from fabric this time due to two overflowing enormous plastic tubs full of fabric which did not include the fabric I picked up last month at Lincraft’s 50% off all fabric sale. All of that aside, from left to right – grey and white quilting cotton (love the polka dots), some black drill to attempt shorts-making for Jason with spring and summer fast approaching, and the most divine fleece in blue for me and black for Jason. I was searching all winter for some nice fleece and nothing caught my attention until now. Expensive without the sale, justifiable with, surely? So I am making hoodies, even though as I said, spring and summer are just around the corner.

New Fabric 20.08.13

Until next time, have fun.

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