Baby Gifts

A couple who are friends of ours had their first baby recently. She must seriously be one of the cutest babies I have seen! However I best stop gushing because Jason will likely groan and say I’m clucky as he usually does. Why do people do that? Can’t you just admire a baby without someone saying that immediately?

I had meant to give them these handmade gifts at the baby shower but we had already had something planned for that weekend and I got a bit lazy about finishing them. Well, last week I did finally finishing putting together the kitty, the bibs having been completed a little while ago.

I had some gorgeously soft fleece leftover from a little toy horse I made one of my niece’s for Christmas, so I put it to good use with this toy kitty. I still had issues with this pattern, somehow it expects all four of those legs to fit inside the body while it is being sewn together with the sewing machine. Failed again at that, but my hand sewing kicks butt so I just stitched up any parts I couldn’t manage with the machine. Time consuming and annoying but an adequate solution.

Kitty - Side View

Kitty - Closeup

A while ago when I first thought of making some baby bibs, I went searching for some fabric. I guess I am a little against the whole “pinks is for girls and blue is for boys” so I was really attracted to fabrics that weren’t gender specific. These are reversible, with the same fabric on the back and a layer of flannelette in between for absorbency. The ribbon tie neck means they can grow with the bub.

Baby bibs

Until next time, have fun!

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