Baby Face Emojis

Today, we have been celebrating the soon to be arrival of my new niece or nephew. The lucky parents are Jason’s brother and his lovely wifey and they are keeping it a surprise. If I have kiddos, I certainly couldn’t wait that long to know!

Anyway, I need no excuse to make cookies.

I started off making little baby faces, and they were meant to have a hair curl and ears, but they just looked so adorable I couldn’t add those things.


These were so fast to make because a simple round cutter, a heart cutter and just three icing colours did the job. Look at that fabulous flesh coloured icing, it’s perfect. Didn’t start out that way as it was way too pink, but adding ivory really toned it down. I threw in a bunch of hearts for fun and to add a splash of colour. I did not want to do the traditional blue and pink.


I was going to pipe on the facial features, but decided to try something different. I used black petal dust (this brand is food grade approved in Australia) and wet down a little with water to make a paint. You can also use vodka, which dries quickly, but based on the warmth yesterday when I did these, it’d probably evaporate immediately!

With painting on cookies, you do sometimes have to layer up the paint to get it opaque. It only took a couple goes to get it looking like this tough. It’s important to take your time because royal icing does not like water and if you use too much liquid, it will just melt.

I used some rose coloured petal dust to add our lovely rosy cheeks.


Here you can see my painting supplies. I managed to find some very fine paintbrushes – a range of 5 for $5 at a local bargain store, and this one is the finest of the lot. I’ve found I like using a simple cotton tip for the blush rather than a paintbrush, as you can see the swirls more prominently with a paintbrush.

I REALLY enjoyed making these and I want to try my hand at painting more things. So happy with how these turned out.

Which is your favourite baby face emoji? Jason suggested I should have made one with lumpy icing vomit down its face for realism, but …

Until next time, have fun!

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