Baby Blankie Number 1

Yesterday I started working on one of the baby blankets planned to be done over the next few months. I’m probably delusional at how long they will take but I do love a challenge and worse case scenario, it will be the midde of summer when all these babies arrive and no ones gong to need a blanket anyway.  I probably won’t share too much of this until it’s finished so that it’s at least a partial surprise for the mummy and daddy 🙂 What you can see so far is the garter stitch border and I’m about to start the pattern.

I am absolutely in LOVE with this yarn. It’s Stellar from Bendigo Woollen Mills, in the colour Tourmaline. It’s this gorgeous heathery blend of white and dusky pink and it’s so squishy and soft and a dream to knit with and has absolutely no scratchy factor to it at all.

Stellar is a 50% wool and 50% bamboo blend. The bamboo adds this incredible silky softness to the yarn, while the wool makes it durable, and this version is machine washable as well which is a definite bonus for a baby blankie. It has breathability but has yummy warmth for when cooler weather comes along in 6- 8 months.

I picked up the 12 ply yarn which means this blanket is knitting up quite fast on 5.5mm needles. I’m using my longest circular cord which gives a total length of 60 inches with needles.

Unfortunately it’s ending up wider than I had estimated, especially considering that I knit a test swatch and calculated the stitches required to get the width of 120cm. Somehow, it’s 140cm wide….I’ve redone my math and it seems to be sound, so I think maybe I mis-measured my swatch. Rather than undoing a few hours of work, I decided to carry on in hopes they might get extra years out of it with it being bigger 🙂


I cast on 179 stitches because I wanted to make it larger than the original pattern (which I won’t share until it’s finished :P) and chose the Chained Cast On, which lo and behold, has a chain of stitches running along the edge. I did have to pull out my crochet hook to do this cast on but I fuddled through and I certainly achieve a more even and looser cast on than with a more traditional cast on, due to my tendency to pull it too tight.


It also matches the chaining I am doing along the sides of the blankets. This is achieved by slipping the first stitch of each row from the left needle onto the right needle (don’t knit it) and by purling the last stitch in each row. Tiny thing but it looks great!

The pattern I chose looks great but isn’t so complex that I have to concentrate completely. Yay for knitting and tv! I’ve recently zipped through The Last Ship during the last few weeks while working on the Pokemon cross stitch, update coming soon as I am nearly finished another pattern page, and oh my god, I love that show! There’s something about viruses and the end of the world that I love; add Navy guys and shooting and blowing stuff up and I’m in heaven! But now that I’ve finished that until Season 4 starts, I have moved onto House of Lies, a completely inappropriate comedy drama about management consulting. If I say I finished Season 1 in one day….you’ll figure out I’m enjoying this too.

So, until next time, have fun!

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