B is for

I noticed I’ve got some old school games going on in this blog post!

My sister Lisa and I played Bubble Bobble to death as kids on the Sega Master System, but we could never defeat the final boss. How frustrating! Dedicate these to you Lisa, my first co-op partner!

Next up is Bookworm, which I got awfully addicted to when flash games were all the rage (are they still?) and work was suffering a very very slow period for a few months. I think the addiction problem was because I’m much too competitive and a friend was also playing there? Haha beat your score!

And Bomberman! He’s also been around for a long time but I only discovered him a couple of years ago on my Nintendo DS in Bomberland Land Touch. Man that was fun. Uh oh, I’ve just discovered there’s a Bomberman Land Touch 2….I really need to find my missing DS charger!

These cookies are actually quite big, I’ve put them on an A4 page for comparison. I was trying a new method of transferring images into the cookies and it worked really well if was time consuming. Anyone who wants to donate a Kopykake projector to me is very welcome. 😀

Until next time, have fun!

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