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Epic Pokemon Cross-stitch Update 04/09/16

Crafting has been a little tough to come by lately for me. I pinched a nerve in my shoulder, so while that eased up, I couldn’t hold my knitting needles or cross-stitch for more than 10 minutes. I couldn’t even imagine rolling out cookie dough.

Then the flu hit a week ago and has wiped out the hubby and I. Feeling pretty poorly but have done a little cross stitching last night during a brief respite and some more today. I do miss keeping my hands busy with something. It’s a terrible line I’ve found between having no energy and feeling useless for doing nothing. I’ll try not to beat myself up about it too much 🙂

A few more Pokemon have managed to be found since my last update on the Epic cross-stitch. Diglett, and his evolution Dugtrio, and their catty friend Meowth, who is just the cutest!

Diglett leads to a fun little story about one of Jason and my early Pokemon Go walks. We planned to be out for maybe an hour maximum, and ended up chasing Diglett around for over two hours. I nicknamed him Diggles, (I was watching Arrow at the time which has a character called John Diggle) which caused me much amusement as Jason just hated me doing it.

“His name’s DIGLETT!”

He gave in eventually, and Diglett shall forever be known now as Diggles.

Unfortunately, we didn’t know at the time that Pokemon Go didn’t clear out the de-spawned Pokemon (now since fixed) and it was just after the three footprints glitch happened, so we were basically chasing a ghost. We got a lot of steps that afternoon!

Anyways, enjoy this little update, and I hope that I’ll be feeling better real soon and back to crafting more.


Until next time, have fun!