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Mallard Scarf Update

Remember this baby scarf? Well it’s grown. A lot.

The mallard scarf is now a metre in length! For the Americans I know that are reading, that’s 3.28 feet according to Google conversions.

I was aiming for 10 centimetres a day, which most days I made. Not so much the last 4 days though; there was a new patch on Final Fantasy XIV Online released a week ago which has required much playing. Must do all the new things! Yes, I’m a huge gamer nerd. It’s never been a secret 😛

I’m still continuing with my lifelines about every 10 cm of so. I was using a green yarn but it was much too thick and was distorting the stitches, so I switched to a thinner yarn and it’s made a noticeable difference.

Surprisingly I have not had to use my lifelines at all. I’ve made a little mistake here or there, namely purling instead of knitting, or knitting instead of purling but I now notice them easily and can fix them quickly. I can also knit backwards quite effectively which is so handy. These two things in itself have made me quite proud of my knitting advancement.

The lifelines have given me an incredible sense of confidence and I am just so glad I read about them. One of my knitting days I went up to 15 cm before putting in another, and only because I think I was becoming too cocky about not making any mistakes. I was probably about to jinx myself, so in went the little saviour line.

Oh! I should tell you a little story. Jason and I were lying in bed about a week ago, chatting before going to sleep, and I was telling him all about my knitting stuff, how I had learned to knit backwards and so on.

Me: “Do you know what they call it to knit backwards?”

Him: “What?”

Me: “Tink.”

Him: (Possibly the loudest groan ever) “I hate knitter humour so much.”

Me: (confused)

Him: (Sigh) “Knit backwards is tink.”

Me: (Not the fastest when it comes to jokes sometimes) (Laughing for about five minutes)

Me? I love knitter humour 🙂

I also got some more knitting loot delivered, from KnitPicks again. I was researching lace knitting and so wanted to give it a go, but I hadn’t yet gotten any yarn suitable. So I started matching patterns I wanted to do, to yarn, being smart enough to write it down in a notebook because if a box of yarn turned up, I wouldn’t remember what I was going to do with each.

Here’s a picture of all the types and colours I got. There’s more but it’s just duplicates. I got some more sock yarn in two newly released colours, some merino wool, some baby alpaca, some acrylic and acrylic wool blends, which actually feel deliciously soft, unlike my starter green acrylic yarn I hated with a vengeance.  Oh and a linen cotton blend. I am highly convinced I could fall asleep in that big box of scrumptious yarn.

I also tried to go outside my usual realm of blue, blue and more blue. I succeeded!

Remember when I thought I wouldn’t need any/many more needles? So…it turns out I was wrong and I needed much thinner ones for sock knitting with the yarns I had bought at a previous time. I also don’t know which method of sock knitting I like yet, whether using several double pointed needles, or a circular needle….so I just prepared for all possibilities.

And with that, I must leave you until and continue on with the mallard scarf, so that soon I can go play with the rest of my yarn.

Until next time, have fun!

Mallard Scarf

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve been having some difficulties with knitting where it’s not just knit stitch, knit stitch, knit stitch. The dishcloth was a disaster until I finally got the hang of it, and the same goes for this scarf I’ve been making for Jason.

The pattern is the New York Scarf and you can find it here on Ravelry.  I’m knitting it up with Bendigo Woolen Mills Classic 8 ply yarn, in the colour Mallard.

Jason picked the pattern himself and originally I thought, that’s going to be easy. It’s a repetition of two lines only, first being knit 3, purl 2, repeated, and the second line being knit 2, purl 3. But lo and behold, whether it’s stress or tiredness or distractions, I kept stuffing this up.

Here’s what I have so far, about 7 cm of scarf. That’s what I have now…..if I was to say I have restarted this thing ten times, I think I would be underestimating.

I’ve tried a few different cast-ons, but they have been either uneven, or I have cast-on so tight that it was a real struggle to knit the first line. In this iteration of the scarf, I have used a provisional cast-on, so that I can go back and pop in the needle again and do a cast-off, which I find I’m so much better at doing and then both ends will match.

You may see above that stripe of green yarn. After making mistakes so often, I found a hint on a website about lifelines. These have made me so much more confident because so far, my attempts to unravel part of the scarf to remove a mistake and then pick up stitches has failed miserably. This way, the yarn is threaded through a row of stitches, so if you make an error, you can rip it out to that line and the stitches are all ready caught on it, making it easier to place them back onto a needle.

It’s also added a lot of confidence for me because I know I have this and won’t lose everything again.

While it’s frustrating to work hard at something and then have to undo it all, I have learned a great deal in the process. Take the below photo for instance. I have learned to read my work. The stitches with the little bumps are purls, and the stitches with the little loop or scarf around its neck are knits.

What’s great about this pattern, is I don’t need to remember the knit 3/purl 2, or knit 2/purl 3 order. I can now look at my work and knit the knit stitches, and purl the purl stitches.

I’ve also learned how to knit backwards and am feeling better at understanding how the yarn loops with each stitch, so that if and when I have made an error on the last stitch, or three back, as I have done, I can undo that easily and without fear of dropping a stitch.

Anyway, back to knitting for me. I’m aiming to get another 5 cm at least done on this thing today. The weather’s getting colder and I’m sure Jason will be wanting it soon!

Until next time, have fun!