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You’re Number 1 Giraffe

Hi Blog. We used to be friends didn’t we? See each other frequently? I know, I’ve been bad. But sometimes writers and blogs find their way back to each other. I can’t promise it won’t happen again but I’ll still be thinking of you.

I got a little lazy and never got around to posting this cake until now. A fabulous little boy had his first birthday recently and his mummy asked me for a cake. Now she is one of my biggest fans so I was happy to help her out. Can you believe I posted about the baby shower here and now he is ONE? Completely blows my mind.

Giraffe Number 1 Cake

Aidan Smash Cake

So as you can see, we have moved on from elephants to giraffes. Not a hater – I love them both. It was a fair bit of baking to get done. There were three 10 inch cakes baked to form and cut the the number 1 cake and a little 5 inch cake for Aidan to smash up and have some fun. The party was Sunday and needed to be ready in the morning for pickup. So my Thursday was baking baking baking. And making a huge batch of swiss meringue buttercream, colouring it and popping it in the fridge overnight. Oh, and colouring a wad of sugarpaste brown. I was exhausted by the end of all that.

Friday was putting the cake together and getting it covered with the buttercream. Now I haven’t mentioned that Spring was warming up much too fast and already playing havok with my sugarpaste and buttercream. Humidity and these do not mix. I might have to veto doing anything in spring and summer as it can just be a headache to do and not enjoyable at all. Buttercream kept having to be put back in the fridge and then rewhip it so it could be applied.

On Saturday I rolled out the brown sugarpaste and began to freehand cut random giraffe patterned shapes from it and applied them to the majority of that massive number one. a little bit of black and white made a simple eye. This is what we were going for – simply yet obviously a giraffe. I had been supplied a picture of a similar style, but made it my own by changing up the pattern and number one shapes.

And I’m quite happy with how it all turned out.

Until next time, have fun!