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Vintage Apron

You can’t imagine how much of a thrill it is to finally make something for me. I always have intentions of doing it but then time or motivation or other people’s presents get in the way.

My indecisive husband helped me choose the main fabric for this apron, in that I asked him what he thought and he immediately agreed. Pretty rare moment that! I adore the birds and roses and real vintage feel of the print. A dark blue polka dot to match and apron-making was all set to go.

Fast-forward approximately six months and I finally made it. The skirt pattern matched the one as seen in this post but I went with a simple bib on top.


The skirt and waistband were top stitched in black and white respectively I love the professionalism and design quality that top-stitching brings to a project.

Apron Closeup

Can’t wait to use it and also dread getting splatters on it. I think I’ll need a dark apron for those extra messy kitchen endeavors.

Until next time, have fun!

Epic Pokemon Cross-stitch Update 29/07/13

I can’t believe it has already been a month since my last Pokemon post. I would have placed bets on it being much less than that and obviously would have lost. During that time I have cross-stitched a veritable army of Pokemon creatures and become highly addicted to watching The Mentalist. Many an hour has gone by happily watching it and stitching away.

I have added helpful little name tags because there are just too many of them. I think it’s the call of the halfway mark that keeps pushing me to do it.

Pokemon Update 29.07.13 (1)Pokemon Update 29.07.13 (2)Until next time, have fun!

African Adventure

After the teethy cookies, I asked hubby Jason what I should do next. I mean, I have sooooo many ideas but it is sometimes hard to decide. So I put the question to the most indecisive man I know and pushed until he gave me an answer.

Surprisingly it only took him about a minute to come up with African animals. African adventure into cookieland, here I come!

African Animal Cookies

I think I may die from the cuteness. I seriously can’t pick my favourite. And look, as usual I go and stick a fingernail into a drying cookie. Poor monkey.

I would have preferred to leave the tiger and lion’s nose until the next day to prevent the little bit of colour bleeding that has happened but Jason has claimed the dining table today so I had to finish them up last night.

Until next time, have fun!

Take a bite out of this cookie

I haven’t baked cookies in quite a few months. Amazing and scary at the same time how fast time can pass you by. In any case, I was glad I hadn’t forgotten the recipe because I couldn’t find where I had put it or where I had gotten it from.

I must admit, the smell of them cookies baking was just heaven though they almost got burned. Please ignore the brown cookie edges you can see; it sure isn’t my fault. Five minutes went by, went to turn the tray around and they were already overdone. We recently had the fan in the oven fixed (we rent our house) but it seems to have thrown the thermostat out again. Woe is me! Good luck getting the real estate to fix that again any time soon…

Whinging aside, these toothy cookies are for the hubby who recently had an impacted wisdom tooth removed. And he can eat cookies again!

Teeth Cookies

I outlined in black royal icing and about four hours later, flooded it with white icing. Then this morning I got out my food colouring pen and had some fun drawing on silly faces. Then I promptly ate one to make sure they were yummy (aren’t they always?) and suitable for Jason to eat.

Until next time, have fun!