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This Bear’s a Star

It’s not a cookie, but please forgive me. I started a cake decorating course last Saturday and thought I would share Week 1’s project. It’s a bear cake! While the photo might make this look deceptively small, let me assure you it is not. It feeds 40 people!

It took 2 1/2 hrs to ice this darn thing and I wasn’t going slow. Though I can chop off at least 30 mins of that swearing at my parchment bags. (We had to make our own and they aren’t very big so we had to keep using new ones when our current bag ran out of icing.) I’m not so bad at making them, but the inside layer tends to pull through the tip area one in three times, or you fill the bag too much and end up it squishing out the top all over your hands. Frustrating. I’ll get better with practice I know.

It was a very messy day and exhausting in a hot kitchen, but I really had fun and I am proud of my bear! If you have a closer look, you’ll see it is entirely made up of piped stars made of buttercream. Ignore the parts where the bear looks a little glossy – remember it was a hot kitchen and the buttercream began to melt a little.

Two weeks until my next class, and I can’t wait! We are doing piping skills, runouts (flooding) and in particular monograms. I have a little bit of a head-start on this one but am sure I will pick up lots of good tips!

Until next time, have fun!

Tetris Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day Jason! Hubby was a great fan of his Valentine’s Day cookie present, a tetris heart!

Unfortunately I was just about coming down with the cold and a bit out of it when I was hand-cutting the shapes and as such, one of the orange pieces was cut the wrong way and I had to chop off the end so I could form the heart properly. Never mind, it’s still yummy!

Looking at this is making me want to play tetris….did anyone suffer addiction to fitting these little blocks together when they were younger?

If you haven’t guessed, hubby is an avid gamer (read addict) though he would argue it hasn’t been officially classed as a diagnosis yet. And if you haven’t guessed I also love games – in fact it brought us together. So I’m going to go and play one.

Until next time, have fun!

P.S If you like to keep up with game news, reviews and previews, you could check out hubby’s site at (Blatant advertising in exchange for sharing his tetris cookies).

Valentine’s Day Cookies

This blog post is a little delayed; you can blame my husband for giving me a cold for Valentine’s Day. Not much thought to these cookies, just playing with some designs over a couple of days.

I also tried a new sugar cookie recipe after the last one was just horrible to work with and the cookies went soft. This one was Peggy Porschen’s recipe. Minimum chilling time (I didn’t chill as long as suggested and I had no issues), little spreading and a delightful shortbread-like flavour and texture.

I really love this design below of the pink hearts with white flowers. My inspiration came from a tattoo design found on deviantart. I had to be careful with the consistency of the icing for piping the design, I didn’t want them to spread.


Whether you have a partner or spent Valentine’s Day alone, I hope you had a great day. I’ll share with you tomorrow the cookie gift I made my hubby, despite him giving me his cold.

Until next time, have fun!

A Little Bit of Love

Valentine’s Day is a-comin’ and we need some cookies to celebrate. I tried a little wet-on-wet icing technique and it’s fun to have to work fast. No procrastinating allowed when doing this. Used some left-over icing from the “Flowers for Nan” set and had a short icing session.

Adore my heart-flower to bits, it’s my favourite. Suffered from the evil red-bleed on the written cookie. Hubby keeps teasing me about how I joined the ‘i’  and ‘love’ together. Doesn’t he know if you tease the cook you don’t get any cookies?

Planning to play with some more Valentine’s Day cookies very soon until it’s done for another year.

Until next time, have fun!

Flowers for Nan

Hubby and I visited his nan in the nursing home on the weekend and I made some cookies for it! They were intended to be part of a cookie bouquet but for some reason these cookies went soft the day after they were iced and stayed soft. It was a new recipe, as I’m searching for the perfect one for me, but we just aren’t there yet. Despite the fact the dough was easier to handle without massive amounts of chilling and it tasted fabulous, the end result disappoints.

So here they are. I wanted to keep them nice and simple but pretty. Had a little oopsie when my finger went into the drying icing on the top left cookie. I was such a klutz that day.

Now because of the softness issue, I couldn’t take them (was hoping they would harden up a little in a day or so). I’ll send them along with hubby’s mum next weekend.

Positive side: Nan won’t have trouble eating soft cookies.

Until next time, have fun.